There are evolutions and there are transformations. An Evolution requires an adaptation, a transformation redefines the scenario. Like a hurricane.

A world in constant transformation. Whatever you believed yesterday, it is no longer true today. Things are changed by innovation. At Vórtx,we believe that the ability to transform is power. As an innovative Solutions system to the capital markets, we believe it is important to build value based in the need for the new. Whatever is difficult, should be easy. Whatever is complicated, must be simple. Whatever is impossible, possible.

What used to be only for a few, must be for all. We live in a constant state of reinvention. Technology is our base, people are our reason to exist.

Responsibility is our guide because opportunity it is not something to be embraced. Must be created.



Vórtx was born from the dreams of two Brazilians with great expertise with capital markets transactions. Alexandre Assolini and Juliano Cornacchia could not understand how, in such a competitive market as the investment funds market, infrastructure platforms were still following analogic-era business models. They decided they would bring innovation to the sector.

Alexandre and Juliano went to the Silicon Valley in California to search for information and specialization and then settle on the business model they would adopt. The birthplace of companies such as Google, Apple, and Facebook, Silicon Valley is not the mecca of technology for no reason. After a period of time where they learned new concepts and had the guts to reinvent themselves, they returned to Brazil and applied to Vórtx the disruptive philosophy of fintechs, the technology companies which are revolutionizing the entire global financial industry. Nimble and dynamic, such companies have no fear to challenge what has been deemed absolute truths. That is how revolutions are born.

And this is how Vortx was born: a company with deep knowledge of the market, experience and Brazilian DNA – and still with a heart that beats in the rhythm of the latest fintechs in the world.

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Our protocol at the Central Bank was authorised.
1st CRI operation happens in November 13th.
The only operational area until then, Corporate Trust, closes the year with 03 operations and 67 millions under administration.
The first office at Ferreira Araujo Street, is an 20m² space.
The two founders and two more people were the whole staff.

CVM (Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission) granted our authorization to administrate portfolios, act as Custodians and Bookkeeping.
Funds team was build and we launch the 1st fund under our administration.
We are ranked at Uqbar Ranking as Fiduciary Agent market's leaders. Since then, we never left the top of the ranking.
The team now is 14 people.
We move our office from 20m² to a 40m² space.
Adding Corporate and Funds, we had 14 billions under administration.

Silicon Valley travel: a new mindset.
We’ve reached R$34 billion under administration. R$ 01 billion is in Funds Administration.
We move to the Plaza Iguatemi, in Faria Lima Avenue, a 400m² space, in the most prestigious building at the heart of the financial district.
Technology team is rebuild with the arrival of a new CTO.
Compliance area is launched.
Employee Experience area is created, focused on people and develop the company’s culture.
The team has now 20 people.

New lines of business: Clearing services and Services for Non-Resident Investors and Bookkeeping.
VX Informa was launched to clients, initially only for query.
The number under administration go up to R$ 45 billions. R$ 5 billion in Funds.
A Strategic planning is hired, and OKR system is implemented.
The team now counts with 52 people and the Faria Lima Avenue Office expands from 400m² to a 800m² space.
A Series Round.

Tech team gets a new CTO with a Fintech’s mindset, and starts working in squads and embrace the agile methodology.
EX team expands and an people management, career, culture and assessment tool is hired.
A leadership development program is implemented.
Team is now with 73 people, 20 of them in tech.
Assets under administration is now of R$ 95 billions.
Vortx’s first M&A: BCINF Vorasys is acquired.

Vortx One is launched, a one access solution where the funds manager can find everything that they need in just one access.
Customer Experience division is launched.
VX Informa + is launched. Now intermediaries can operate in the platform.
The first Vortx Tank is launched. The winner: VX Meetings, our innovative platform for digital assemblies.
We move to a New office with 1038m², in Pinheiros, but everyone is home due t the Covid-19 pandemic.
Now the team counts on 136 people.
We reached R$ 119 billion under administration.

B Series Round: strategic investment from FTV Capital - R$ 190 millions.
2nd M&A: Simplific Pavarini is acquired.
Capital injection in Investtools.
Acceleration program Scale Up Endeavor participation.
Vortx QR Tokenizadora is authorised in CVM’s innovation Sandbox.
Marketing team is established.
Strategic investment in Parfin was accomplished.
We reached the half trillion reais mark under administration, adding up Corporate Trust, Funds Trust and Banking Services.
In addition to the 4th floor at 215, Gilberto Sabino Street with 1038m², we expand to the 3rd floor, adding more 500m².
Team is now with 220 collaborators, which 70 of them in the technology and products team. Along with people, we count on 918 robots.

Our protocol at the Central Bank was authorised.
1st CRI operation happens in November 13th.
The only operational area until then, Corporate Trust, closes the year with 03 operations and 67 millions under administration.
The first office at Ferreira Araujo Street, is an 20m² space.
The two founders and two more people were the whole staff.

Who we are

We were born from a dream inspired by technology.

Vórtx is a fully independent company specializing in providing infrastructure for Capital Markets, focused on technology, transparency, service, and know-how. We offer all back-office services required by Brazilian law for portfolio managers, issuers and investors, so that they can worry about what matters: make investors and clients to maximize their investments.

Fundadores Vórtx
Fundadores Vórtx

One of the pillars of our work is customer service, where we focus on the user experience. Our goal is to establish solid and long-lasting partnerships with portfolio managers and issuers in the management of funds and issues of certificates of receivables (CRI and CRA), debentures and other assets. Vórtx is the capital markets processor: the operational system for the monitoring and integrated control, running in the background of your investments, a well-oiled machine so reliable and so secure that you don’t even have to remember it is there. All that technology makes us leaner, more dynamic and most importantly reduces significantly the margin of operational errors that could occur throughout the process.

At Vórtx, technology is not treated as a separated area: technology is the philosophy that runs the entire company. We are a company driven by the dream of using technology to change way one accesses the Capital Markets. We are a “Dreamtech” created in Brazil albeit under the influence of Silicon Valley. We operate in Brazilian markets but think in a global way. That is the secret behind all our agility, soundness and independence in the delivery of services: technology-inspired dreams, and reality-inspired technology.


Simplify the

capital markets.


The trust of our customers is the cornerstone on top of which we built the credibility and longevity of our business. Our controls work as clocks and we use innovation and technology as our great allies so as to make individuals and institutions feel safe and protected in their rights.


Vórtx is the first Brazilian company dedicated to the B2B capital markets infrastructure segment. We make investment transactions possible by using cutting-edge technology and better, smarter controls for operational risk. We are the guys working in the background of every trusted investment transaction, a true operational system – an IOS for capital markets.

We exist to make transactions viable with responsibility, and avoid blind spots in transfers of resources. We make investing more viable by making operations and monitoring more nimble, trustworthy, and efficient. This is only possible because we build upon our home-grown innovation, technology, and experience capabilities to handle customized transactions.

Our availability rate is high, our customer service is diligent and personalized, brings lots of embarked intelligence. Our team is experienced and assertive, formed of professionals who understand the needs of our clients because they came from the other side of the counter. We are independent and unbiased because we do not manage assets, we do not structure transactions, and we do not actively distribute issues. Here, before a “no” comes a “how” waiting to be discovered.


as a source of impartiality

We are an independent institution, and do not manage assets, structuring transactions or actively distribute issues and products. We made this choice to allow us to go to the market autonomously, without conflicts of interest, and with full absence of biases and with impartiality.

Making the difference is what makes us essential

To redefine standards, specialization is not enough – it is necessary to to pay attention to details and exercise empathy. At Vórtx we work proactively and always go beyond what is expected – to us, more than having clients, we wish to grow partnerships.

Diligence and rigor levered by
and cutting-edge technology

Vórtx is made of people and relationships and it is the quality and vitality of such bonds that strengthen us and lay the foundation for our future. We value those who strive, are not afraid to fail, and take risks. We provide a collaborative environment so that all may be co-responsible for the success.

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